We are the Victims of our Lifestyle”

Wikipedia says Sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with very little or no physical activity. A person living such lifestyle is often sitting or lying, while reading, socializing, watching Television, playing games or using a mobile or computer for much of the day. Such lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of death.

You think you should check your thyroid? If you have not said it aloud, you should have said it in your mind and its always in response to your body getting fat. From obesity to bad skin, fertility to acne, mood swings to bloating, it’s the hormones. But are we really the victims of hormones? Or Are we the victims of our lifestyle?

Now a days almost everyone is ready to pop a pill to regulate the thyroid or to get one’s period, but how many are ready to work out even 30 minutes daily to regulate the thyroid or the menstrual cycle? Most of us accept that pill is now a lifelong partner, a partnership that will be only broken only with death, but are we ready to partner with exercise till our last breath? No, Not really.

Our priority list has always something else set which is more important for us. Kids to be picked, clothes to be washed, husband to be attended etc. And of course, if it is something dangerous that requires a Pill, it is also taken more seriously by the family members.

Whereas Exercise or Asanas are considered a waste of time. Now a days people are ready to support your shopping instead of your exercise routine. The scientific truth, which we know but do not accept is that every cell, tissue in the body, especially the neurotransmitters, the glands, the hormones respond more beautifully to exercise, asanas just as they do to right eating habits.

Now a days most of us are trapped by Random and Fussy Eating Habits. As like our breakfast depends on what time we woke up or what time we are free. We eat ice creams, chocolates out of frustration and boredom. We have no plans for our eating pattern. Our act of eating is very random and chaotic. As a result, if our thyroid is dull and the period gets late, We never quite think the Culprit is our Food but on the other hand we think it’s the HORMONES, Always the hormones. But we forget that hormones are made out of the food we eat and if our eating is more random than planned then bhagwan bharose( translation ) Remember, Food has the ability to Heal. It is more powerful than any modern medicine. When the fear about food ends, Health begins. With good health, hormonal balance is restored.

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