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Hey Food Buff,

Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

At Antyodaya’s Yoga Cafe, we do not only please palates but, we also address the subject of health. With serene ambience and a specially curated organic food, juices, smoothies and vegan recipes will definitely revitalize your body, mind and soul. Therefore, we serve only fresh dishes that are fresh, healthy, pure,sugar-free and gluten-free. We source fresh fruits to make sure that we serve only healthy and non-adulterated meals.

Apart from prioritizing nourishment, we also focus on serving delicious dishes that can cater to your cravings. We have included interesting and customized recipes on the menu that will take you on a trip of enchanting flavours, without making you feel guilty.

We strictly avoid the use of canned crushes, artificial flavours, and preservatives; hence, you can be totally confident about the nutrition quotient of the food served here. So now, you can freely indulge in a delightful experience without the fear of calories.


Plant Based Kitchen

Our daily food choice determine both our health and the health of the earth. Choosing a food that require the minimum resources and emits less pollution in their production is a wiser choice for the sustainability of humanity. By reducing your amount of meat, fish or dairy, day by day, you tend towards a healthier life, in communion with the earth.

Local & Organic

Organic is not choice, it is a necessity! The use of chemicals in our food is killing our people and impoverish our soil. Time for a worldwide return to organic food grown without pesticides has come! We strive to provide an organic delicacy!


Many people do not eat any animal products, including eggs and dairy and have a very difficult time finding restaurants in the Ahmedabad that have any vegan options. We have plenty of Vegan option in our Kitchen!


For an optimal health, it is important to consume some of our food raw, as heat can destroy some of the nutrients. People on a raw diet only eat food heated to a maximum of approximately 45 °C.

Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat that many people are allergic or sensitive to. From bread to process food or cakes, wheat flour is everywhere in our daily diet! Gluten is not easily digested by many people and can causes acne issue, constant fatigue and long-term damage to the intestine. Many Gluten Free option are avialable at Kitchen!


Sprouts are veritable stars of the vegetable world. Their numerous and widely acclaimed health benefits include high levels of dietary fibre, B complex vitamins and protein. While sprouting whole grains we reduce the amount of starch they contain and boosts their nutritional value. Sprouted grains or seed contain elevated levels of nutrients, such as vitamin C, carotenoids and protein. Be prepared to find your plate sprouted!

Yoga Cafe is a consious space where people can come and feel connected with a sense of wholeness and belonging without harming other beings.

Yoga Cafe is 100% plant based, with gluten free and raw food options. All our dishes are prepared and made daily following our strong core values of fresness, nutirtion and choosing a conscious living lifestyle.


7AM - 9.30 PM


7AM - 12PM

It was all Thanks to Yoga since I started on this journey in 2007.

Since then my body and mind craved something new, something more pure to compliment my practise and to be more allainged with my Yogic Values.

Through the consiouess practise of Yoga Sadhana, I started to understand the important of food in our lives.I realized how , whatever we eat effects our body as well as our mind and soul.

Being passionate about the plant based diet drove me to study and experience it deeper. Feeling so deeply about this change I was inspired to help other people to honour their body and what they put in it.

So i wanted to create a Yoga Cafe - yoga classes and delicious nutricious meals in a 100% cruelty free environment, showing all people that anyone can benefit from both, even if you choose to do Yoga or eat plant-based one meal a week.

- Puja Chandra, Co-Founder

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